In.Te.Se Innovation, Territory and Services

Research Project

3 years - 2018-2020

In.Te.Se is part of the Interreg Alcotra project between France and Italy, funded by the European Union.

The aim is to define innovative services for the management of urban waste in dispersed tourist and mountain areas in order to build a new model that will improve the quality of services and thus increase their economic and environmental effectiveness.

The project intends to use research and innovation to implement sustainable urban waste management according to the principle of the management hierarchy dictated by EU and national regulations, based on the concept of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The Department of Culture, Politics and Society (CPS) at the University of Turin was commissioned to assess citizens' attitudes and behaviour towards new innovative recycling services, in general towards separate waste collection and composting practices. A survey was conducted on how the innovations proposed by the project may impact social aspects such as user behaviour and attitudes.

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