Master’s Degree in Socio Environmental Sustainability of Agro Food Networks

As one of the UNESCO Chair’s main activities, the Master’s Degree programme in Socio Environmental Sustainability of Agro Food Networks is based at the University of Turin and co-organized by the Department of Culture, Politics and Society and the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.

The creation of sustainable production processes is one of the greatest challenges facing society in the 21st century, and the agri-food sector is largely affected by this transition process.

This cutting-edge master's degree programme is a unique opportunity for students interested in dedicating their future work to the design and implementation efforts required to transform this production sector.

The programme aims to increase one’s understanding of the complexity of today's agri-food supply chains by analysing the many economic, cultural, social and environmental factors that characterise them. A better understanding of these drivers and their interaction is in fact indispensable for building regenerative and sustainable future agri-food chains.

The master's degree programme is strongly inter- and multi-disciplinary in nature, with theoretical and real-world courses and workshops in the agri-environmental field. This includes courses in ecological, environmental and agricultural economics, sociology of consumption, analysis and planning of the territory, and courses in food safety legislation, marketing and communication.

The academic training dedicates opportunities for company and other site visits, as well as meetings with professionals and experts in the sector.
Students will be encouraged to develop self-entrepreneurial skills and specific competences in participatory planning and valuable tools to use towards  socio-economic-environmental sustainability indicators.

The substantive knowledge and practical skills provided by the master's courses are of fundamental importance for public and private entities. The programme is best suited to students who are committed to a sustainable future in the agri-food sector and who want to work in the small and medium enterprise sector, in producer associations, consortia and, above all, in the creation of micro-enterprises aimed at creating sustainable agri-food chains. 

Structure and Program


Career Opportunities

"The food system is a very complex reality guided by economic, cultural, social and environmental factors. A better understanding of these drivers and their interaction is essential for reducing the impact of food supply chains, and building a future where cultivating, transforming, distributing and consuming constitute acts of sustainable daily life. In particular, the main challenge we face is to understand, monitor and evaluate the highly dynamic contexts of food chains today and tomorrow, not only from a technological point of view but also from a socio-organizational one."

Cristiana Peano
MaSRA Director

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