Rivista Culture della Sostenibilità

International Scientific Journal of Political Ecology and Environmental Education

Cultures of Sustainability was founded in 2007 as a scientific journal (the first of its kind in Italy) open to Italian and international contributions on and for the multiple "cultures of sustainability". Faced with the obvious state of ecological suffering of the planet, and the need for a radical change in our ways of conceiving and representing our relationship with the world we live in, it is necessary to develop a comparison that is as broad, transversal and transdisciplinary as possible. For this reason, Cultures of Sustainability has been characterised over the years as a project that is always open to new accessions and multidisciplinary collaborations. 

After an initial series published by Franco Angeli, it has been published since 2011 by the Istituto per l'Ambiente e l'Educazione Scholé Futuro Onlus and is produced in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair.

Aimed primarily at those engaged in communities of research and practice and innovation, for the comparison of paradigms and cultures and the dissemination of good theories and practices, the magazine aims to cross the entire range of knowledge, formal and informal, theoretical and experiential, "high" and material, as well as to involve all components of society (institutions at all levels, businesses, volunteers and civil society at large).

Cultures of Sustainability therefore aims to be an instrument of discussion and innovative cultural intervention, bringing together and dialoguing different languages and worlds around the various and complex issues that affect sustainability. This is the constant tension towards an ethical, cultural and educational commitment that combines the feeling of nature, forward-looking care of the environment, ecology of human relations, ethics of responsibility, the search for fairness, and the affirmation of new values of global citizenship and "community of destiny".

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