Philosopher, curator, art critic, external researcher at the C.I.R.Ce - Interdepartmental Research Centre on Communication at the University of Turin. President of the Museum of Resistance, Deportation, War, Rights and Freedom of Turin and scientific and artistic consultant on Graffiti-Writing, Street Art, Urban Art, Urban Design and Youth Creativity of the City of Turin. He currently teaches Theory and Techniques of Contemporary Arts at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin.

Roberto Mastroianni

Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Turin, he focuses his research activity on the economics of the agri-food sector, analysing different supply chains ranging from the analysis of the consumer of agri-food products to research on the sustainability of food supply chains (economic and environmental sustainability). In particular, the study of consumer behaviour and preferences has been undertaken by investigating different aspects that define food quality from the consumer's point of view, including intrinsic quality attributes as well as belief aspects such as local origin, traditionality and sustainability.

Stefano Massaglia

Researcher at the Department of Culture, Politics and Society of the University of Turin, his area of interest is collective action in the field of energy, especially analysing its potential to scale up and impact the energy transition in both Europe and the US. He has worked in bilateral projects and partnerships between China and the US in the field of energy efficiency. He is a PhD candidate in socio-economics at the University of Milan and holds a Master's degree in International Affairs & Sustainable Development from Columbia University in New York.

Winston Gilcrase

Frola is responsible for the editorial office of the journal Culture of Sustainability. He contributed to the introduction of Value Criticism (an international discourse of social criticism) in Italy by coordinating the translation and publication of a large part of the theoretical corpus of the theory, organising conferences and debates. His research interests include value theory, social ontology and political ecology.

Riccardo Frola

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