Farfalle in TOur

Public Engagement Project

2014 -


Butterflies have been trying to populate urban green areas for some years now, but there is a shortage of flowers and grasses to feed on in our cities. The urban environment does not allow butterflies to live because they cannot find plants to feed on. Farfalle in Tour is a scientific project aimed at creating ecological corridors and small oases that allow butterflies to repopulate green areas, enable pollination and more. With this in mind, the Centre of Mental Health and its stakeholders have also started a network to set up their own Butterfly Project.

Butterflies need their nourishment in order to return and meet each other; taking care of them is the relational nourishment to get out of loneliness and rediscover the pleasure of doing things together.  Creating green oases with mental health services, along with the participation of public and private social actors, will make it possible to create places in neighbourhoods where people can meet and forge new relationships. Taking care of butterflies also means taking care of one's home, territory and environment.

Protecting butterflies helps to protect many other species, if not the entire ecosystem in which they live (umbrella species). Their beauty makes them an important tool for raising public awareness and disseminating conservation findings (flag species).

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