Linking education, transdisciplinarity and international partnership

After three days of conferences, discussions and intensive exchanges, the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Development and Territory Management, together with other UNESCO Chairs’ representatives from more than 17 countries, adopted the "Wuppertal Declaration", that expresses the commitment to put the work at the service of the UN's sustainable development objectives.

At the invitation of the UNESCO Chair for Entrepreneurship and Intercultural Management of Wuppertal, directed by Prof. Dr. Christine Volkmann, around 75 guests from over 17 countries, including our representatives, travelled to Wuppertal to discuss the contribution of international partnerships in the fields of research and education for the implementation of the Agenda 2030.

"As actors within the UNESCO Chairs, we consider it our duty to use our experience and unique profile to address global challenges and achieve the goals of the United Nations. The Wuppertal conference showed how much potential and commitment there is in our network," said Prof. Volkmann.

In the future, UNESCO Chairs want to involve civil society groups more in their research and cooperate more closely with policy makers. They also want to expand and deepen the scientific partnerships between the South and the North of the world.

2-4 December 2019

Wuppertal, Germany

International Conference of the UNESCO Chairs

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