Littering (EN)

The characterization study on littering phenomenon


The characterization study on the phenomenon of littering in Italy is promoted by the International Association for Environmental Communication (AICA), supported by the Ministry of the Environment for the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, by the National Packaging Consortium (CONAI) and by the six consortia of Filiera (Cial, Asico, Ricrea, Coreve, Rilegno, Corepla). It is conducted by sociologists of the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society of the University of Turin, its primary objective is to investigate the phenomenon of littering (abandonment of small waste in the environment) adding an interpretative key that can contribute to its mitigation.

The main objective of the research is to characterize the phenomenon in question using the qualitative methodology of social research and, in particular, the methods known as naturalistic observation and discursive interview. The aim of the researchers is to provide the decision makers and the actors involved with clear key to understanding together with important information useful to address the phenomenon, in particular with regard to the definition of information and awareness campaigns in certain contexts, thus increasing the effectiveness of prevention strategies also through targeted actions.

Reports, guidelines and articles for an in-depth analysis on the topic (all documents are in Italian):

Littering characterization project report 


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