The main research topics the Chair has been involved in are the following:

  • Eco-Efficiency and rebound effect
  • Assessing models and socio-cultural determinants
  • Green Economy Scenarios in the Mediterranean Region
  • Sustainable Consumption – Space and Time for sustainable lifestyles
  • Sustainable politics and environmental Governance
  • Socio-economic adaptation to climate change
  • Low energy and labor intensive economic process
  • Urban metabolism
  • Social practices and sustainability

More specifically:

  • Energy
o Energy grids
o Consumption Practices
o System dynamics and adaptation
o Energy Ontology
  • Food and sustainable agriculture
o Agroecology
o Supply chain Analysis
o Environmental and Social LCA
o Waste management
  • Smart society and socio technical systems
o IoT logic
o Household, Urban and Territory metabolism
  • Transport and mobility
o Freight and human mobility patterns
o Commuting
o Smart mobility
  • Circular economy
o Bioeconomics and Ecological economics
o Sustainable supply chains
o Eco-design and industry ecology
o Responsible consumption
o Waste prevention, Reuse and Recycling
  • Policy analysis
o Stakeholder analysis
o Implementation processes and strategies
o Impact evaluation
  • Social innovation for sustainability
o Rebound Effect
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UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Development and Territory management
University of Torino


  • Via Po, 18
  • 10124 Torino, Italia


  • phone: +39 011 670 2733
  • email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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