In the framework of the XXXVIII conference of AISRE - Associazione Italiana di Scienze Regionale (Cagliari, 20 – 22 settembre 2017) the Unesco Chair for Sustainable Development and Management of Territory organizes the session

Global challenges and local processes: towards sustainable strategies for economic development

General description and topics

In defining strategies to face the persisting economic crisis, time has come to push a strong focus on the social , economic and environmental impacts (i.e the sustainability) of current models of production, distribution and consumption. The sustainability of these models has to be considered not only as a mere component of a wider strategy deriving from a grown awareness about risks for the environment, but as a crucial issue, with a strong economic value, related to the scarcity of resources and the social and economic costs that is urgent to deal with.

In this framework, regional sciences may play a crucial role since the global dimension of environmental and social pressure connected with human activities can be strongly influenced by economic process developed at local level. Sustainability of these processes is in fact in itself a phenomenon that emerges from the complex inter-playing of local and global processes, as shown by the more common approaches that scientists of different disciplines have been adopting in the last decades ranging from the diverse environmental accounting methodologies to ecological footprint and social impact assessment.

Papers submitted to this session are expected to cover one (or more) of the following research topics:

  • Methods and approaches for enviromental accounting
  • Sustainable energy systems as a strategy to valorize local resources (smart grid, geothermal, solar, ...)
  • Policy models and initiatives for sustainability at urban and regional level
  • A social perspective for studying sustainability : impacts, constrains and opportunities
  • Renewing relations between urban and rural areas: agroecology and ecosystem services


  • april 12rd , 2017 : Abstract’s submission
  • april 19th , 2017: Abstract’s Acceptance
  • june 16th , 2017 : Award for the best essay presented by a Young Researcher
  • june 16th , 2017 : Payment of participation’s fee1
  • june 16th - july16th, 2017: Submission of the paper2
  • End of july: Draft of the Conference’s Programme
  • september 20th- 22th , 2017: Conference

1In addition to what reported on the AISRE website, for further information about possible reductions for the participants to organized session please contact Alessandro Sciullo- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2The submission of the paper is mandatory only if you want it to be included in the conference’s proceedings

How to submit a proposal of contribution

  1. Register to the AISRE website by filling this module
  2. Have access to your ‘Area Riservata’ page by clicking on the label in the right-topcorner of the Home Page of Aisre's site
  3. Have access to 'Profilo Utente' page by clicking on the related label in the left menuand verify that the fields Nome (Name) and Cognome (Surname) are correctly filled. If not, please fill them.
  4. Click on ‘Invio abstract’ (or ‘Invio Paper’ ) in the upper left menu
  5. To submit an abstract please compile all the fields of the module and select from the dropdown list ‘Sessione Organizzata’ the session: 07 – Global challenges and local processes: towards sustainable strategies for sustainable development

Useful Links and contacts

AISRE website -

XXXVIII Conferenza homepage -

General Call for Papers -

For any further information and detail please contact Alessandro Sciullo – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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