The specific objectives of the Chair are:

  • To train experts, professionals and consultants in:
o   Monitoring the environmental, economic and social quality of life at the local, regional, national and international levels;
o   Preventing natural and hazardous risks;
o   Preserving the bio-cultural diversity by enhancing the local knowledge, traditions and heritage;
o  Promoting “Cultural Commons” as an expression of a socially cohesive community, centred on human beings, their lives and the implementation of their expectations;
o  Leading the ecological transition at social, economic and production levels, guiding civil society, the private sector and public sector organizations towards new ways of production, distribution and consumption of energy, commodities and services;
o   Analising the role of cultural and natural resources for supporting the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs).
  • To increase and improve international cooperation for research on:
o  Environmental issues such as consumption, urban and rural development, environmental policies and conflicts, environmental health and environmental sustainable innovation, as well as scientific and technological strategies;
o Cultural economics and policies;
o   Contemporary political and economic thought, with an emphasis on institutional and creative economics.
  • Increase and improve the international dissemination of research outcomes on the above-mentioned topics through conferences, lectures, seminars, editorial activities and development of reports and didactic materials.
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UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Development and Territory management
University of Torino


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