Declaration of the Italian UNESCO Chairs for the Sustainability

On 30 November 2021, in the Aldo Moro Room of the Ministry of Education, the "Declaration of Italian UNESCO Chairs for Sustainability" will be presented, in the presence of the Minister of Education Patrizio
Bianchi, the Minister for Universities and Research Cristina Messa, the President of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO Franco Bernabè and the Deputy Director General for Education UNESCO Stefania Giannini.

The Declaration for Sustainability and Socio-Ecological Transition is the result of a process that began in autumn 2020 with the project "UNESCO Chairs' Dialogues: a laboratory of ideas for the world to come".

The Chairs, developing an intense scientific dialogue on the goals of the 2030 Agenda, are working as a collective body committed to becoming "a community of knowledge".
The ecological revolution requires integrated thinking, the involvement of all, and a profound change in our outlook on ourselves and the world, through the co-creation of a new paradigm of human development in harmony with the planet that hosts us.
The Declaration represents the commitment of the Chairs in the development of Education and Knowledge in relation to the global environmental challenge, offering a contribution of ideas to national policies,
international and UNESCO policies.
This will be the occasion when the Declaration will be signed by the two Ministers and the President of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO. At the end of the meeting, the Chairs will formally deliver
the Declaration to UNESCO.

The initiative is organised by the Italian UNESCO Chairs with the support of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO.

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Institutional interventions

- Patrizio Bianchi, Minister for Education
- Cristina Messa, Minister for Universities and Research
- Franco Bernabè, President of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO
- Stefania Giannini, Deputy Director General for Education - UNESCO

UNESCO Chair in "Population, Migration and Development" - La Sapienza University of Rome, Raimondo Cagiano de Azevedo

Reading of the Declaration of the Italian UNESCO Chairs for Sustainability
Elena Fioretto, Anna Gregis, Lisa Bitossi, Michele Claudio Masciopinto, Beatrice Formenti and Serena Montefusco

Italian UNESCO Chairs - UNESCO Chairs Dialogues: the process that led to the Declaration and future perspectives
Scientific and Coordination Secretariat of "Dialogues":
- UNESCO Chair in "Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes and Knowledge Communities" -
University of Basilicata, Angela Colonna and Annateresa Rondinella
- UNESCO Chair in "Planning and Architectural Protection in World Heritage Cities
in World Heritage Cities" - Politecnico di Milano, Nora Lombardini
- UNESCO Chair in "Education, Growth and Equality" - University of Ferrara, Valentina Mini.
University of Ferrara, Valentina Mini
- UNESCO Chair in "Management of Water Resources and Culture" - University for Foreigners of Perugia, Chiara Biscarini
- UNESCO Chair in "Sustainable Development and Territorial Promotion" - University of Turin, Dario Padovan

The Declaration at the Dubai Expo - UNESCO Chair in "Religious Pluralism and Peace" - University of Bologna, Alberto Melloni

Closing and final considerations

30 November 2021 15:30-17h

Sala Aldo Moro, Ministry of Education, Rome


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